Thank you for your reviews! 😉

Ananas, kiwis, avocados

So tiny and so perfect, this is mere talent, all that Bel creates is a masterpiece. My small fruits are simply amazing as well as all the minis I’ve bought before. It’s a real pleasure to deal with such a friendly, elegant artist.

Maria Francesca

Making an Apple Pie

What can I say? Bel is the best, and her food is perfect! I will continue to buy her miniatures as they are truly miniaturized foods and items from real life!

Stacy Moser

Strawberry Charlotte, Making a Victorian era pie, Baking a sponge cake

Bel, I can most heartily give your work a 5 star rating! Your workmanship and your attention to detail is fantastic! The Miniatures themselves would stand alone but your small touches such as the certificate of authenticity for each item and the caliber of packing of the Miniatures always ensures safe receipt even when shipped to Canada. This is not my first purchase from you nor will it be my last! Wonderful work as always. Thank you for everything!


Avocados, oranges, apples & croissants

Absolutely fantastic. Exquisite miniatures, so realistic. Will look so beautiful in my new Anglia dolls house.


1/12th scale fruit

I have purchased a number of Bel’s items from all her ranges including her marvelous shellfish and vegetables. Today I have received my collection of fresh fruit and it is perfect. I like the fact that Bel does loose items which can be added to any miniature scene in bowls of my own choice. I will certainly continue to order her wonderful work in the future.


Mini pineapples, avocados, donuts

So excited to receive my custom order! The detailing is just exquisite! The pineapple looks real – as do the open and closed avocados. They are so tiny and so perfect I cannot comprehend how they were even made.

Thanks you!


Fruit and Veggies Dough Bowl

I love Bel’s work. Everything she does is always perfect!


Croissants and jam doughnuts

Very well made.. Look real.. Arrived quickly and beautifully packed..really well presented minis.. Love them
Thank you..A+++++

Avril Marshall

Easter Egg

Bel’s work is perfect and always detailed. Love this prep board that shows the making and decorating of a chocolate Easter egg. Very unique!

Kathleen Holmes

Making Strawberry Tart

A fantastic piece of miniature art! Commission was completed and shipped with great ease. Thank you.


Victorian Era Pie with mold

This piece by Bel is the most amazing display of food I have ever seen. It is perfect in every way..right down to the little hook to remove the mold. Thanks so much Bel.

Cindy Adams

Fresh Veggies on a Wooden Board

This is a lovely and very well made miniature. And so realistic. I can’t wait to finish the farm house and display it in the kitchen with grandma Simmons. Thank you for the “little extra” also. I’ll be watching this website for new creations. – Meg


Basket of apples

So lovely – will be perfect for my Regency kitchen


Avocado board

Wonderful and realistic board of avocados. Such detail, right down to the avocado seeds and peels. Love Bel’s work!

Kathleen Holmes

Shellfish wooden board

I’m so satisfied with this order!
The details are so beautiful!


Christmas gingerbread tree and house

The gingerbread house is gorgeous and the gingerbread tree prep board is amazing! There is so much detail on the little gingerbread biscuits, plus they are all different design. I don’ know how you do it. Both items looked lovely on the photos, but they are even more brilliant when seen for real.


Fresh salmon and vegetables

This is the best! Wonderful whole salmon being prepared to cook. Fantastic work and so very realistic.

Kathleen Holmes

Prep board of peeled potatoes

This wooden prep board consisting of a bowl full of washed yellow potatoes, with peelings and a paring knife, was everything I had hoped it would be! The composition is well laid out and looks completely natural. It is busy without being overloaded and works so well within my Italian kitchen setting!
I’ll also take the opportunity to comment on the very careful packaging by the vendor. I am a 100% Satisfied Customer!

Elizabeth S ( Studio E miniatures)

Cooked mussels with lemon slices

I LOVE my order of 12 cooked and 2 closed mussels with lemon slices! They look so yummy and Real that they make me hungry! I have plans to include them in my cottage by the sea and can’t wait to get cooking with them. I’m 100% Satisfied with the mussels and with the way they were packaged too- 5 STARS for Everything!

Elizabeth S ( studioeminiatures)

Opening Pomegranates

Bel’s work is exceptional and perfectly detailed. Love her work! The pomegranates are wonderful and look completely realistic.

Kathleen Holmes

Broken Pumpkins barrel

Hi Bel,
What can I say??
The barrel of pumpkins has arrived. It’s the best minI I posses. I’m totally flabbergasted at your talent! I absolutely love it. I didn’t expect anything so beautiful. The barrels look so old & authentic with the rusted broken coopering & rotten staves! I have a wild garden around my cottage & I will use it in October . Thank you so much.


Fresh fruits

I bought different fruits, such as bananas, apples, oranges, mandarines, grapes and lemon. I am amazed by how detailed these miniatures are. And the grapes are unbelievably realistic. Amazing art work. Great customer service. And extra plus for the lovely gift ❤️ Thank you! I will be a returning customer.

Helena Viberg

Slicing apples wooden board

A wonderful artist! The apples in this display are so amazingly realistic! Thank you so much for the added gift. 🙂


Recently baked croissants basket

Very cute basket full of inviting, crumbly croissants, the ideal ones for a typical Italian breakfast. Lovely mini by Bel:-)

Maria Francesca

Crusty round breads sack

Definitely original and well made, I like much the round breads in the sack, they look so crisp! This mini will complete my baker’s!

Maria Francesca

Courgettes basket

I love this basket of fresh courgettes, it’s fine for my greengrocer’s, the vegetables are very realistic and perfectly made.

Maria Francesca

Mandarines country crate

Crate full of juicy, fresh mandarins, the best I’ve ever seen and even more beautiful then in the photo! Each one is different from the other, it’s an amazing, realistic mini. Very talented, refined artist, always kind, friendly and generous.

Maria Francesca

Banana’s bunches

Bel is a perfectionist, she never omit any single detail, all her minis are made with much love. My bunches of bananas are perfect, amazing in their shape and colour. Always fully satisfied when I buy from her!

Maria Francesca

Slicing strawberries wooden board

This is just too cute!! So realistic!!!

Terri Keller

Slicing strawberries wooden board

Absolutely amazing , so detailed and realistic , thank you so much


Gorgonzola & bread wooden board

Stunning bread board with freshly baked bread and some yummy cheese. Love it.


Bananas & bread wooden board

Fresh bananas! Well-made. Realistic. Wonderful addition to my little country kitchen.


Rock’n Roll snack wooden board

Fun little sandwich display. They l@@k good enough to eat! Wish I had a couple in life-size right about now.


Edam cheese wooden board

What a beautiful ball of Edam! My little deli is going to have the best of the best.


Juicy lemons wooden board

Juicy, sweetly fragrant lemons for the country kitchen! Delightful.


Juicy & sweet melon wooden board

Excellent! Realistic melon. Lovely addition to any one of my little kitchen scenes.


Gruyere cheese wooden board

Delicious, fresh cheese! Once can almost smell it. Beautifully made.


Cheese & bread ceramic tray

Beautifully made item – such fantastic detail!


Peeling potatoes ceramic bowl

Bel is a master artist ! Her skills are mind blowing. It does not get any better than this. Absolute perfection ! Thank you so much, Bel. I am honored to have this 🙂 xoxo


Sliced bread

Beautiful work! Amazing detail, look sooooo real !!! Amazing artist, wonderful communication, your work is truly Top, Top, Quality ! I Love bread, and this is THE BEST work I have seen !!! Thank you so much !!



Dear Bel, Thank you so much for my custom order of apples. They are absolutely incredible and even more stunning when actually holding them in the palm of your hand. You have some amazing talent. Thank you so much xx

Sally Selma