Lovely Imperfections

Hi everybody!

I hope you are having a great weekend!

I just wanted to share what I’m working on right now. As I said I will try to keep my blog updated from now on so I would be sharing some tips, tutorials and generally more content a part from the usual posts with the creations.

So right now I’m finishing some custom orders which have lots of apples, some in bowls, some in crates and some halved. Apples are some of the very first miniatures I started to make now over 2 years ago and I have always tried to perfect the techniques however it still requires a lot of attention to detail when shaping the clay, when painting and when choosing which colours mix to use and finally to apply the exact glaze.

With lots of love and care sculpting and finishing those tiny bits of clay I must reach the point where those apples will look as close as possible to the real ones as I can, so that is the soul of Bel’s Mini World. Most of the times I have on my desk the real piece I want to recreate in 1/12 scale, as the shine, the colours and the textures can not be appreciated from photos taken from the internet at all. So it is usual for my workshop to smell like fresh fruit and veggies and I love it all together! 😉

One of the most difficult creation I have ever done are the pineapples, and a real pineapple was sitting on my desk for about 2 weeks! So it took me a lot of time to have them made (while making some custom orders) until I was happy with the result. Every pineapple ended up with about a hundred of individual and sculpted pieces that are quite close to the real ones to me.

Still every time I make a miniature I have previously made I apply slightly different colours, shapes and glazes as everything can always be improved by applying a different touch or using a different tool or perhaps adding a small imperfection that makes it look even more real.

As you all know, the reality is always composed of small imperfections. So I love to make the perfect imperfections as well!

Don’t we all like those small imperfections from the ones we love? 😉

Have a lovely Sunday and see you next week! 😉

Thanks for sharing 😉